Mobile homes

Prefabricated houses




The interior of the mobile houses is designed by a team of designers who try to balance design and functionality, not only of furniture, but also of other interior design elements.

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Smart investment

The quality and longevity of the materials from which the mobile houses are made will allow you to renew your mobile house every couple of years and bring a breath of fresh air into it.

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The HRL system enables a mobile house renewal each couple of years. Change everything you believe needs changing and extend the usability period of your mobile house. You can have a new and refreshed mobile house each couple of years.

Package 1

Painting the facade and the internal walls

Package 2

Changing the furniture in the bedrooms and the living room

Package 3

Changing the furniture in the kitchen and in the dining room

Package 4

Changing the sanitary ware

Package 5

Change the internal door

* the packages can be combined, depending on your needs